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Location: Avenue 15 No 93B - 28 of Bogota (Colombia)

GENERAL INFORMATION The building is constructed on a lot of land of 722 square meters and has the commercial premises of three levels and offices in the five remaining floors of the construction. It has an area of offices of thousand nine hundred fifty (1950) square meters of deprived construction, more one hundred (100) meters of privatizeable construction in the inner terrace of the third floor, this one of one hundred thirty and five (135) square meters, to leave the thirty and five (35) square meters remaining of light dome, if it is desired.

Additionally, the building has approximately thousand square meters of construction (1000 mts 2) between common areas and cellar of garages. The cellar of six hundred forty and two (642) square meters, that is the extension of the land once deduced eighty (80) square meters that they correspond to the six (6) garages of property of the Superior Bank. In this zone is the area for twenty-nine (29) parqueaderos, of which twenty-three (23) are available, engine room, shut of sweepings, deposit, offices of administration, hall from access to the cellar and quarter of motobomba. The other common areas have an approximated extension of three hundred sixty (360) square meters, corresponding to the reception, hall of main access and each one of the floors, washrooms in each floor, outer terraces of the third and sixth floor, ample roundhouse of stairs that go of the first a the sixth floor and area of elevator. As far as the detail of private areas we have:

The COMMERCIAL PREMISES 550.00M2 Three Levels FLOOR ò. 108.72M2 Of. 201 108.72 FLOOR or. 315.54M2 Of. 301 177,35 Of. 302 138,19 Terrace 135.00M2 FLOOR ô. 315.54M2 Of. 401 177,35 Of. 402 138.19 FLOOR ö. 315.54M2 Of. 501 177,35 Of. 502 138.19 FLOOR õ. 315.54M2 Deposit 12.00M2 TOTAL 2.067.88 M2 Each floor of office has five (5) baths and two (2) cocinetas. 1.000.00 COMMON ZONES M2 2


- Excellent Finished -
Mulberry Wood Flower -
Facade Marble -
Ventanería in Aluminum and concerned Glass -
Cielorasos in Celotex (Antinflamable) -
concerned argollada Carpet -
hydropneumatic Equipment of pressure -
Sthal Elevator -
Electrical Plant of Emergency that takes care of the totality of the areas of the Building (private and common Zones) -
Closed Circuit of Television -
Located on main avenue, readily accessible and with ample zones of outer maintenances: Av. 15. -
Each floor counts on six (6) installed telephone lines, with the option for the Buyer to acquire six (6) lines more. Office 201 has three (3) lines with option to acquire other three (3) additional ones. -
the local account with ten (10) telephone lines, option to acquire other ten. -
Cellar, zones of maintenance. 3, PARTICIPANT COMPANIES IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE PROJECT: Architectonic Project: Carlos Alberto Herrera Hoists Constructor: Construcciones Jiménez & Cruz Ltda.. Ground study: Espinosa Fenwarth & Ci'a. Ltda.. Structural Project: Civil Designers Associated Engineer Luis Guillermo Arismendi Electrical systems: Rojas & Fonseca Hydraulic and Sanitary Facilities: Water engineering 4,
ENGINEERING SPECIFICATIONS OF THE BUILDING: Laying of foundations:La laying of foundations of the building consists of a system of cylindrical piles of concrete reinforced, pre - excavated and fused IN-SITU of diameters that go between 0,60 cm to 1,10 m.s, and variable depths up to 40 mts average, united to each other by means of a network of beams of mooring able to transfer loads towards the neighboring elements, controlling in this form the establishments differentials. Structure: The structure is conformed by a cellar and six (6) floors, constructed under a structural system of lightened plates and columns, having originated porches, which were analyzed in the electronic computer as much for the effects of vertical loads like for the possible seismic movements. All this study was made by the company/signature CIVIL DESIGNERS ASSOCIATED in accordance with the Colombian Code of Constructions earthquake - resistant. Hydraulic and sanitary facilities: They were constructed using the best quality of pipes and accessories of the market. The provision from water to the building is formed by an attack of one inch of diameter that takes waters from the external network of the city, taking them to an underground tank with capacity sufficient to take care of the normal consumption of all the building during one week. From this tank and by means of an automatic hydropneumatic equipment all the facilities are provided, with the purpose of maintaining a provision pressure that oscillates between 50 and 70 pounds. As much the sanitary network as hydraulic of the building, was designed considering the criterion of relocation and the future necessities of distribution of the offices, being by the same possible any variation of the networks initially installed, since these do not go inlaid, but hung between cieloraso and the plates of between floor. Electrical systems: The electrical system is formed by an three-phase service to tetrafilar 208/120 volts, provided by the Company of Energy of Santafé of Bogota, by means of underground attack in average tension, sub - capsulada, undertaken transforming station in low tension, partial board of accountants, attacks to each office and the general services, boards with thermomagnetic switches for the protection of the circuits of illumination and power outlets, standing out that all the building has neutral an independent one for the service of the computers and that the takings are polarized, existing in this form two independent earth systems. It is important to write down that although initially the mains settled to be used in each one of the deprived units, exists the possibility of carrying out the adjustment for the system of structured wiring, depending on himself this necessity goes directed for all the offices or great part of them, integrated by a great network. It plants Electrical: Also it counts on a plant Diesel type that serves of emergency to the totality of the building, when the circumstances therefore demand it, plants with automatic transference that allows to make the change on watch without greater supervision. Closed circuit of Television: For a greater security within its facilities the building counts on a service of monitoring by means of a closed circuit of television which controls the entrance and exit of the door of the Garage and the doors of the elevator, made up of cameras properly arranged and a monitor in black and white. Network of citófonos and Communal antenna: The construction counts on communal antenna, which has exit to each one of the offices and other dependencies, as well as of a general system of citófonos that allows the communication of portería with all the floors of the Building. System of satelite communication: The building has installed an antenna for satelite communication, in accordance with the contract subscribed with the company DIVEO DE COLOMBIA S.A.. 5, SALE PRICE The sale price has been fixed to the sum of four thousand four hundred million weights ($4.400.000.000) current currency.

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